Acne Can Seriously Affect Your Psychological Health

If you didn’t know, acne can greatly affect your psychological health. In some instances, you might feel insecure and unworthy even though the acne lesion is not too severe. This just means that your psychological health can still be affected even with the least severe acne lesion such as whiteheads and blackheads.heal.

If you are in your teenage years, you are more susceptible to the psychological and social impact of acne. During these years, it is no surprise if you are too concerned about developing your personality and social skills. Ironically, as a teen, you have come across with the idea that to be accepted by your peers you should have good looks and clear complexion. Your psychological health is already affected if you think mild acne is very disturbing. From this, you might start having different problems associated to acne.

Based on some researches, you might develop low self-esteem due to acne. If you become more insecure because of your acne, sooner or later you will have difficulty communicating with other people. Your posture and physical appearance will also be affected if you try to hide your acne with your hair. In addition, heavy makeup at your age is not a good solution to hide your acne.

Acne developed on chest and back area might also affect your participation to social activities especially in sports like swimming. If you give in to this, you are only giving up your dreams at a very young age. Furthermore, instead of building up your social networks, you are tearing it apart. In some school, teenagers are sometimes cruel to other teenagers with acne breakout. If you are in this situation, your psychological health might be affected. As a result, your self-confidence will be lowered and you will feel discourage to meet other people and make bonds. If you give in to this, you might develop social phobia, which can affect your school performance.

Depression is also a psychological effect of acne. If you have mood swings, behavioral problems and restlessness, you might be suffering from depression. Depression should be treated immediately because it might lead to suicide. Overall, if you feel that your acne is already interfering with your life significantly, it is wise that you treat it as soon as possible. In addition, consult with a dermatologist before handling your acne.

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