Art Licensing Agencies – List of Over 60 US Agencies

Just like there are many kinds of manufacturers, there are many kinds of agencies. Some only license art and some sell as prints or on products besides their artists work. Some represent artists whose work fits only a niche market such as lodge, western, and country. Others specialize in representing artists whose work is suitable for home decor, or patterns for fabric, clothing, stationery, and scrapbooking. And of course there are some agents that license all kinds of art for all kinds of products. website design agency london Some represent several artists and some represent several hundred artists. Some will sign up artists that are new to licensing while others will only accept artists that are already known and have achieved some measureable amount of success. These agencies tend to represent artists that have a uniquely recognizable art style and are or can become a brand.

So how do you find the right agency for you and where do you find them? Search the following list of over 60 licensing agencies that are located in the United States. Decide if you want to have a large one represent your art or a small one. Look at the type of art they represent and see if your art themes and style fits. And finally, if they do not have submission quidelines listed on their website, call to find out the best way to submit examples of your work.

A.D. Lines Eurogroup Inc.
Alaska Momma, Inc
American Art Images
Art Impressions Media Group Inc.
Art In Motion
Artistic Design Group
Artistic Licensing
Artists of Kolea
Art of Possibility Studios (represents physically disabled artists)
Art Visions
Artworks! licensing LLC
bCreative, Inc.
Bentley Licensing Group
Buffalo Works, The
Courtney Davis
Coyote Red Licensing
CP Licensing
Creatif Licensing
Creative Connection Inc.
Creative Brands Group
Cypress Fine Art Licensing
DSW Licensing Company
Fame Farm
Image Connection, LLC
Indigo Gate, Inc.
Intercontinental Licensing
Jewel Branding & licensing
JMS Art Licensing, LLC
Joan Crawley Gallery Ltd
Kids-Did-It! Designs (represents children 3-14 years old)
Licensing Liaison
Lifestyle Licensing
Lilla Rogers Studio
Linda McDonald, Inc.
Leo Licensing
London Portfolio
Looking Good Licensing
Magnet Reps
Meehan Design Group (formerly Herrin Design Group)
MHS Licensing
Mill Pond Art Licensing
Mosaic art Licensing Agency
Next Day Art

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