How to Install a Webcam on My Windows 7 PC

Have you got a new webcam and want to install it on your Windows 7 computer? Installation is the most sensitive part during a software or hardware’s setup process. Even a minor mistake during installation can cause your hardware or software not to function at all or create troubles during use. Below are the step-by-step instructions that will help you install your brand new webcam:


Insert the installation disc that came with the webcam into the CD drive, close all the windows that pop up to begin the webcam installation wizard.

This would stop any component from the webcam CD to be installed on your computer.

Connect your webcam to the PC using the spare USB port. When connected, the Windows 7 will recognize the webcam, and you will see a notification “Installing device driver software. Wait for the notification to disappear.

If your webcam is a plug & play device, then freecam your webcam will be ready to use instantly.

If the webcam has no plug & play utility, still Windows 7 should be able to detect the device and install the software and driver files

If Windows 7 gives an error message ‘Device driver software was not successfully installed, click here for details’. Now, the webcam wizard might launch the ‘Device Manager’ utility automatically.

If it doesn’t, then you can go to ‘Control Panel’ and open ‘Device Manager’ manually.

Scroll down to locate ‘Unknown device’, right click on it and click on ‘Update Driver Software’. Now, you can locate, download, or install whatever option is given there to install the necessary driver files.

If you want Windows 7 to automatically download and install the required driver files for your webcam, then in the ‘Update Driver Software’ drop-down menu, you can click to choose the option saying ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.

The wizard will then begin searching and installing the necessary webcam driver software. When finished, the wizard will prompt with ‘The software for this device has been successfully installed. Windows has finished installing the driver software for this device’. Click on the ‘Close’ button to close the window.

Now, wait until you see this message in the notification area ‘QuickCam for Notebooks Deluxe, Device driver software installed successfully’. This is just an example; it will show the driver for the webcam you installed.

If it still doesn’t help and you see an error message ‘Windows was unable to install your Unknown Device’.

You can either go to your manufacturer’s website to find and install the compatible driver for your webcam or manually locate the driver files to install.

To manually install the driver files, go back to the ‘Update Driver Software’ drop-down menu (mentioned above), click to select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

Click on the ‘Browse’ button and then ‘Next’ to let the wizard begin searching for driver software

In the ‘E:\’ drive, click on the ‘Drivers’ folder, and then click on ‘OK’. If it shows a different path in browsing folder, then change it to E:\ drive, and click on ‘Next’

The wizard will start browsing and installing driver software. When finished installing driver files, the wizard will show the same prompt ‘Windows has finished installing the driver software for this device’.

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