Is the Reverse Funnel System a Scam Or Not?

The reverse funnel is the brain child of Ty Coughlin and it is a way of marketing global resorts network which is the marketing arm of gold crown resorts. The idea behind the reverse funnel (full name the reverse funnel system) is a funded proposal which means you get paid at the front end of your advertising. In plain English this means you pay Ty Coughlin $50 dollars to enter the reverse funnel. For your $50 dollars all you get is to be considered if you are the right sort of person to market the reverse funnel.

This is a genius idea because not only does it pay for its own advertising but it gives the potential customers the impression that the reverse funnel must be a golden money making opportunity if it costs them $50 dollars just to be considered. clickfunnels coupon code I myself paid the $50 dollars just to see what you get for your money. Sadly I was not impressed all I got was one phone call letting me know that I was being considered which I must admit is a good marketing tactic because it gives you the impression that you are personally being dealt with and makes you believe that you will get all the back up mentoring to succeed in this business.

How ever through the phone calls I have had with people asking me to mentor them after they had joined the reverse funnel let me to the conclusion that you don’t get the back up mentoring that is promised. This is very sad considering that these people have invested $3000 in the membership plus $300 a month to use the automated part of the reverse funnel, and on top of that Ty Coughlin recommends that you spend $5000 on advertising as well which in my opinion is totally over the top.

To market global resorts network with out using the reverse funnel costs dramatically less than that. I am positive of this because that is what I do every week. When I first started marketing this business I had a budget of about $1500 dollars which easily covered it. I also use lots of free advertising in my marketing game plan, such as video and social networking site as well as forums and blogs and many more.

If you would like to see how I market business without using the reverse funnel or get more information how to market it with out using the revere funnel please feel free to visit my website below.

My name is Alan Stockdale and my expertise is in internet marketing,personal and video branding as well as using video in my attraction marketing.I have been successful in this line of business for quite a while now.

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