Trust Someone Based on Behavioral Analysis

The scientific method of dream interpretation teaches you how to analyze someone’s behavior and understand their real intentions. A behavioral analysis is based on studying the functioning of the human brain and the reactions provoked by certain stimuli.

The information you have in dream messages can be trusted because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is not a hypocritical human being. All dreams contain precious messages sent by God. This discovery has a mo thay minh chet scientific and religious importance. Carl Jung had discovered this truth before me, but he couldn’t perceive the sanctity of the unconscious mind and he didn’t have a religious attitude.

He preferred to remain in the scientific region and use the knowledge given by the unconscious mind in order to cure mental disorders. The unconscious mind really is the best doctor we could find. The dream messages work like psychotherapy.

They also work like spiritual purification and mind empowerment. The information you have in your own dreams helps you eliminate the negative tendencies you have inherited and become a wise and sensitive human being.

You also have information about the world. The unconscious mind sends you many dream predictions and warnings, showing you how the future will be unfolded. You have the chance to change your destiny and prepare the positive results you desire.

You’ll always be able to confirm that the unconscious mind was right when it sent you a warning in a dream because it always saves you from trouble. The unconscious mind never makes mistakes like ignorant human beings do. You only have to translate a few dreams in order to verify that the unconscious messages really are enlightening, true, and superior.

I’m emphasizing the divine origin of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to show you that you can really trust the information you have in dream messages.

I can translate your dreams for you in case you have no time or conditions to study the dream language. Later you’ll find the time to learn how to translate the meaning of dreams because you’ll be convinced that this practice is very helpful, and you’ll desire to have this precious knowledge yourself.

The fact that you can absolutely trust the information you have at your disposal when you translate the meaning of dreams is the best guarantee you could have. I wouldn’t spend 19 years of my life studying dream translation and curing numerous people through dream therapy if this practice was not truly helpful.

The trustful information you have in the dream images is a spectacular advantage that will completely change your life.

You’ll have detailed information about other people in your own dreams and learn everything about them. However, you can also learn a lot about them only by observing their behavior.

By reading my lessons, you’ll learn how the human brain works and what influences the human behavior. Therefore, you will be able to relate the knowledge I give you in my work with the reactions of the people you observe. This knowledge is based on the unconscious guidance, besides being based on the research carried on by many researchers from different scientific fields and their discoveries.

By understanding the meaning of everyone’s gestures, facial expressions and words, you will be protected from the negative character of false friends or dangerous business partners.

If you’ll also study the dream language, you’ll learn a lot more. The unconscious mind will teach you many things that you cannot imagine with the knowledge you have. You’ll be able to practically read people’s minds and predict their reactions. This is an advantage more important than what you may imagine.

Unfortunately, everyone is constantly influenced by the primitive and absurd content they have inherited into the biggest part of their brain. This means that most people have bad intentions. They are totally indifferent to your pain, and extremely selfish.

You have to be very careful before trusting someone because we have inherited too much absurdity in our brain. This means that human beings are not really human.

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